Monday 6 August 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

This is a book meme hosted by Sheila of Book Journey. It's a fun way for everyone to share what they have been reading and what they plan to read next.

I haven't read much this week and so have only worked my way through two short books. In truth I have been engrossed by the Olympics. Unusual for me since I don't have a sporty bone in my body but I have enjoyed watching it this year. GB has had some brilliant results.

This week I read;

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I read this for the classics challenge and it was a recommendation from a fellow blogger (thanks FBT). It was a great read. I very much enjoyed it.

The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells. I read this for the League of Extraordinary Gentleman challenge. I was actually in the middle of reading A Sorcerer's Treason but I picked this up whilst I was out shopping. I read a few pages whilst out having coffee and got to into it to put down. Loved it.

Just now I am reading;

A Sorcerer's Treason by Sarah Zettel. I am reading this for the Sci Fi/ Fantasy category in the Mixing it Up challenge. I actually do like fantasy, I just don't seem to read a lot of it. Maybe next year I swap the sci fi challenge for a fantasy. Anyways, this one is slow going and not sure where it is going to go yet. Enjoying it though.

Next I plan to read;

Manhattan In Reverse by Peter F. Hamilton. I am going to read this for the sci fi challenge. It's a book of short stories based in a universe Hamilton created for one of his earlier series (and one of my favourites). It's a short book but I am looking forward to it despite my disappointment with Reynolds last week.

What have you been reading or have you been watching the Olympics like me?


  1. I love that cover for The Invisible Man

  2. *grabby hands* at your Vintage cover again!

  3. I love The Scarlet Letter :) Great book

    Happy Reading!

  4. I might have to get The Scarlet Letter now just because of the wonderful cover :)
    I hope you enjoy your books!

  5. I love the cover of A Sorcerer's Treason. :)

  6. I want to read The Scarlet Letter... I think it sounds so wonderful and I have never read it.