Saturday 21 May 2011

Upcoming Blog Hop Giveaway!

Lesswamme is hosting a blog hop giveaway and I've decided to take part. It will involve giving away a book to one of my followers. The only condition is that the book must be of literary value. I have picked out the one I am giving away already. It will take place between 25th - 29th June so I'm not going to reveal the title until then. I can tell you it's a classic and it's a pretty nice edition (at least I think so anyway). The copy I am giving away is also unread. If you fancy being in with the chance of receiving a classic then come back on the 25th. Or if you want to sign up head over to Lesswamme's blog. The sign up deadline is the 22nd of June.

On an unrelated not I have finally signed up to Good Reads. I know there are a lot of bloggers out there already a member. I have been a member of a few similar sites but quickly got fed up with them. This one looks to be more active and certainly more interesting. Just now sure how it will effect my 'no buying more books' will power. I have a question though for all you Good Reads people out there. Did you add all the books you also read before you joined? Or did you just add books as you read them from the point of joining?


  1. I added as many of the books that I read prior to joining as I could remember. My bookshelf seems pretty sparse considering all the books I've read in my lifetime, so I know there's a bunch that I'm forgetting. From time to time I add a bunch more that I remember.

    Feel free to add me:

  2. I will probably end up doing the same. Just lazyness that's stopping me just now. I am sure there will be many that I won't remember either.

    Thank you, have added you.