Sunday 28 August 2011

A Storm of Shadows 1: Steel and Snow - George R. R. Martin (Book100)

King Joffrey's reign is still not going well. His grandfather arrives in Kings landing to take over as the Kings Hand and get things back in control. His decisions ruffle the feathers of both his children but they can't do anything about it. Both King Stannis and King Stark remain a threat to the throne making Joff's wedding a necessity. In the far north the wildlings are on the move and are likely to cause trouble for the 7 kingdoms. Something else is also on the move, much more deadly and terrifying but few are aware of them for now. Meanwhile the dragons are preparing their own come back.

This is my 100th book this year and what a book. I honestly didn't think that this series couldn't get any better. Reading the second book I felt that events were a little slow moving and was pleasantly surprised when it all pulled together to make for an exciting ending. It made you realise that it had just been building itself up. There was some of that build up here too but so much also happened through out.

Like the second book some new voices appeared. These characters are already established so it doesn't get confusing. Jaime Lannister the Kingslayer is one of them. A character who is much hated by most in the book and you can't help but dislike him either. But then he is given a voice and actually he is only human. He has his reasons behind his actions same as everyone else and whilst we may not condone them we can sort of understand. Like I have said before there is good and bad on both sides. I'm looking forward to seeing more voices and wonder if Jaime's twin, Cersai, will be one of them. I can't imagine liking her at all but maybe hearing from her point of view will make me change my mind.

As with the first two books certain characters have quickly become my favourites and I look forward to their chapters. Tyrion and Arya are still up there. I quite enjoy reading about Jon Snow and Dany's. I think Dany's is a wild card and can't wait to see the part she will play by the end of the series. For the moment she has little to do with the actual events in the 7 Kingdoms. A character I have come to feel for is Sansa and I am now curious about her future. Wasn't so bothered before as she was one of the few who irritated me.

I don't want to say too much as I don't want to spoil things for anyone who wants to read the series. All I will say is that I am loving the series and still not any further in guessing where it's going. A good think I think.

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