Sunday 27 February 2011

One of Our Thursdays Is Missing - Jasper Fforde

In the land of fiction a genre war is about to break out and only Thursday Next can prevent it at the peace talks. Just one problem. Thursday seems to be missing. Fictional Thursday is asked to step in and find the real her but someone doesn't want her to. Staving off attacks from Men in Plaid, jumps into the real world and trying to keep those who live in her book happy are now a matter of norm for fictional Thursday.

I was a little disappointed with the previous one. It's hard for a fantastic series to continue to be so. Especially one that uses so much imagination. I was resigned to a decline in one of my favourites. Turns out I was wrong. The latest has brought the series right back up again. This time based in Bookworld and the main character is fictional. The story itself is good. However, it's the detail I love. The mix of fictional characters, the map of fiction island, Bookworld technology and quotes from Bookworld Companion to name but a few.

I honestly don't want to spoil it by going into too much about the detail. You just have to trust me. It's worth it, honest! What I will say though is that next time you read a book and you start to fall asleep a kitten somewhere might be in danger!

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