Friday 4 March 2011

Emotionally Weird - Kate Atkinson

Effie is on an remote Scottish island recovering from an illness with only her mother, Nora, for company. After discovering her surname isn't actually what she thought it was she tries to get Nora to tell her about her beginnings. Nora is reluctant and instead Effie finds herself telling tales of her life in Dundee as a student. Broken up with Nora's critique of her story and occasional information on Nora's family. It's also broken with pieces of course work fiction from Effie and sometimes her class mates.

This was recommended to me by a friend and it took a little convincing to get me to read it. I always thought of it as chick lit for the middle aged (going by the majority of customers who would by books by Kate Atkinson). I couldn't have been more wrong. At least, there was nothing remotely chick lit about this particular book. Effie is a witty narrator telling tales of her fellow students and her constant ability to avoid essay deadlines. Each of the students are a little and her professors are a little off the wall. It's what makes the tale so interesting. That and my personal favourite, professor Cousins. I would happily have read more scenes with him.

Nora's critique of Effie's story is also quite funny and at times I certainly did agree with her. She pointed out that nothing seemed to be happening and it certainly seemed like it at times. I felt frustrated reading it during these moments and if it wasn't for Nora and Effie's course work I would have given up on it.

It did eventually all tie up and I am glad that I did finish it after all. The parts that I found a little dull were worth it over all. Not one of my favourite books I have to say but certainly different and I would definitely try another book by the author.

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