Saturday 21 April 2012

Readathon: Post 1

Woo hoo, just half an hour to go. I have my first snack (which is really fruit from my lunch) and my first book all ready to go. Decided to go with the non-fiction first. As light a read as Pemberton's books are I'm not sure non-fiction is the best choice for 1am. Looking forward to it as it has been on my tbr pile for a good few months now.

So I have a glass of diluting juice by my side, along with my phone and iPad, some big comfy cushions and my favourite yankee candle (vanilla lime). I am ready. Just need the time to speed up.

I will basically be updating on the same post until I finish a book. I then review the book and start with a new readathon post. I did it that way last time and it seemed to work. This is also my first attempt at using instagram. Quite like it although not sure I have it worked out completely.

If you don't fancy reading all my posts you can also follow me on twitter as Karencrafts.  I'll also update photo's on my Just Giving page where I am raising money for Crohn's and Colitis UK.

Introductory questionnaire

1. I'm from Scotland.
2. I'm probably most looking forward to the Agatha Christie book as I love Poirot. But also looking forward to having a go with the Dexter series.
3. I probably should say all the fruit I have bought in but the true answer would be the donuts for later on in the night.
4. I used to be a bookseller but I'm now studying for my nursing degree. Actually on exam leave just now and using the readathon as a break. Also a huge sci fi fan and bit of a girly geek.
5. This is my second readathon. Will probably be updating with more photo's than last time. I also have a fruity candle which keeps me awake. Oh, and I am more prepared on the snack front as last time my bread had went all moldy and had to make do with just lots of tea.

Hour 3 Finished the fruit and I did open the Doritos briefly. Have read 106 pages of The Doctor Will See You Now by Max Pemberton. So funny!

Hour 5 Now 228 pages read. Still enjoying it. Starting to get uncomfy though. Going to move to the kitchen for a wee while.


  1. Yay more photos! Congratulations on going to get your nursing degree... that's awesome. Happy readathon!

  2. You've read 100 pages after 2 hours? I've read 23. But then, I didn't read the full 2 hours. :-)

    Good going!

    1. Mine is fairly easy to read though. Plus I've done pretty much nothing else since it started.

  3. Wait wait wait, this is important — what KIND of Doritos?

    SCOTLAND! So exciting. Do you all love Kelly MacDonald? You do, right? Sure you do. Also GO NURSING, for nurses are awesome, and have we discussed if you're a Doctor Who fan before? Because damn, that show.

    Big comfy cushions are de rigueur for a readathon, I do think.

    1. You crack me up! Love your comments.

      Cool Original Doritos. I like the cheesy ones but decided against them for this as I would do no reading and lots of eating.

      Not sure if everyone loves Kelly MacDonald but I like her.

      I do believe we have discussed Doctor Who after I posted a few pictures from the show in the past. I am a HUGE fan. Have been since I was a wee kiddie winkle and my parents bought the classics on video.