Saturday 13 October 2012

Readathon Update 2

In case you haven't noticed me mention it before I am doing this and trying to raise money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health. It's a fantastic charity which promotes well being. It helps many people who suffer from mental health problems and their families  Little known fact but anyone can reach a crisis point at some time in their lives which will affect their mental health and 1 in 3 people do. So if you have a few pennies you can donate by clicking on the SAMH image.

Enough of my spouting. Have finished book 2 and I have now moved onto book 3. That brings my page count up to 741. I think I am still behind April but I am getting there. The main thing is I am enjoying it and have now reached the half way point. Here is the mid event survey;

1. I am doing okay although I am very tired. It's 1.10am here in the UK and I would like my second wind right about now. Haven't gone cross-eyed yet though.

2. Just finished Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs which I enjoyed.

3. Favourite read is the first one, A Patchwork Planet by Anne Tyler.

4. I haven't really snacked yet. I am about to toast some pitta bread and have that with humous. Looking forward to that.

5. No new blogs discovered but I am re-discovering some I haven't visited in a while

Hour 14: Breached the halfway mark and I got my wish for a second wind. Lets hope it lasts. 76 pages into book 3. Am away to toast the pitta bread I've been promising myself and then back to bed cause it's freezing!

Hour 16: Starting to slow down again and feeling VERY tired. Dozed off for about 10 mins there. 184 pages into book 3.

Hour 18: Still here, still going. 310 pages into book 3 which is just over the half way mark. That means I have read a total of 1,021. I am ahead of April as I reached 1,021 by hour 19.

Hour 22: oops, fell asleep for 2 hours. Really didn't mean to do that but I can see myself finishing now. 422 pages into book 3.


  1. Wondering how you're staying awake, considering your time zone! Hope you're still having fun!

  2. Wondering how you're staying awake, considering your time zone! Hope you're still having fun!

    1. Only half awake I think but still reading. Still having fun too, thank you.

  3. You are doing great - awesome that you've finished two complete books.

    Keep up the good work. Hope you're also joining some mini challenges along the way. Good luck on the rest of the readathon.

    Tami - Team Snickers Cheerleaders

    1. Thank you, I did one or two mini challenges but not that many.