Sunday 24 February 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

This is a book meme hosted by Sheila of Book Journey. A great way for everyone to share their reading week.

I am doing two weeks in one. Feel this poor blog is being neglected but I promise there will be some reviews soon.

Last two weeks I read;

The collected stories - Lorrie Moore. This was every bit as amazing as I expected it to be. This would sell even the most hard short story hating person onto the joy of them. Several collections of her short stories spanning 660 pages and I still wanted more.

The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick. After seeing it reviewed on Kill Me If I Stop I had to pick this up. Sadly I could only get the film tie in cover (grrr). However, this was a fantastic book and I am glad I read it rather than see the film. I quite fancied the film too but I can happily live life without it now.

Just now I am reading;

Did You Miss Me? - Karen Rose. I am a bit meh about this book. I think this will be my last Karen Rose.

Next I plan to read;

The Woman Who Died A Lot - Jasper Fforde. Why have I waited so long for this? I love this series and I knew the book was out. Normally I can't wait for the paperback but this time I have. Looking forward to it.

How has you reading been going?


  1. It took me hours to get caught up on book reviews, but I finally did!

    Here's my It's Monday! What Are You Reading? Hope you will stop by and share your thoughts!

  2. The book is always better than the movie isn't it? :)

    Have a great week of reading!

    1. Indeed it is. Quite often if I have loved the book I no longer want to see the film.

  3. Didn't know that Silver Linings Playbook was a book. Now I have to read it before I see the movie. Off to the library yet again.

    1. It's well worth reading. The review that got me to pick it up said that the film reveals things right at the start that the book doesn't reveal until the end. Worth reading first in that case although it might spoil how much you enjoy the film.

  4. You've got some good reads, I may need to pick up the Silver Linings Playbook. The movie was good but thanks to two very chatty ladies behind me, I couldn't enjoy it. One of the many reasons books are better!

    Jasper Fforde's books are all great, and this one was no exception -- though I think it may be time to close this series and move on to a new one. I'm bummed he never did anything with Shades of Grey.