Thursday 21 July 2011

Book Blog Hop - Genre's

This is a meme over at Crazy For Books. Each week we answer a new question about books or reading.

This weeks question is - What's the one genre you wish you could get into, but can't?

In all honesty this isn't a problem for me. There are one or two books that I don't like which everyone seems to love. I wish I could see what everyone sees in them. I don't let it bother me too much though. In general there really aren't that many genres that I don't like. Romance is the only one I tend to avoid because it just doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. There are lots of genres that I wish I had tried before now and would like to read more of. Crime is one example. I think I have read more of it this year than I have in my entire life. For now I seem to be working my way through a lot of popular crime authors but I would also like to try noire, spy thrillers (thinking of LeCarre here) and of course more Poirot. Dan Brown and similar authors/books are the only part of that genre I'm not interested in. Historical fiction is another genre although I didn't go our of my way not to read it. I just happened to have not read that much of it.

I would also like to read more Scottish authors. I am ashamed to say that I haven't actually read that many which is a shock considering I'm from Glasgow. That's something I am also slowly working on and I am improving. I haven't read as many classics as I would like. The last few years I read very little of them but I am reading more this year. I am attempting to read one a month and have a few aside that I am looking forward to. Although it's an age group and not a genre I have went on a bit of a YA slump. So there have been lots of new releases this year that I would have probably read by now in years past. This one actually doesn't bother me that much. It's the 20 or so YA books sitting in my TBR pile that are taunting me more than anything else.


  1. Hi there, I'm hopping through & following you.
    Have a great weekend!

    Holjo @ Pedantic Phooka

  2. Helloo
    I would love to read more classics too. And Scottish authors is a very unique thing to wanna do :)

    My Answer

  3. Scottish authors of recent years sounds something i should try as well..Never thought of it before

  4. Stopping by and returning the follow! I don't read much romance either, unless it has a paranormal twist to it.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I generally avoid romance as well. I don't mind romance per se, but I'd rather enjoy it mixed in with a different genre.

    Glad to have found you via the Hop!

  6. Hopping by to say hello. I'm also a romance-avoider. I like your idea of reading more Scottish books. I should try that, since I've got Scottish heritage (and am quite proud of it). :)

  7. New follower here - thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone. All of you who have followed me thank you and I have followed you back. I promise to go visit your blogs properly when I have more time later. I have a busy day today.

    The Scottish authors have slowed right down as I am working way through my tbr pile and I don't think there are any amongst it. That being said I have read more Scottish authors in the last two years than I have in my entire life. Have a few in mind after I can safely buy books again (guilt free).

  9. I love romance! It's a great way to unwind, and if you can find a great storyteller, you might wind up with a book that really moves you and speaks to you on multiple levels. :)

    I do envy the fact that you can enjoy most other genres, though. That's a great quality to have.

    Oh - and I'm just starting to read Agatha Christie novels. I'm going to start with Marple, but Poirot is on my list. ;)

    Here from the blog hop,

  10. You never know Silsbee. There may come a time when I change my mind. I did with crime.

    The only problem with liking everything else is my constantly expanding tr list :)

    I prefer Poirot over Marple but I will read all of those too eventually. I recommend you start with his first adventure - The Mysterious Affair At Styles. It's a good one.

    Thanks for following too.

  11. Hi Kristin. Thanks for following, have followed you back.