Monday 11 July 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - Authors I'm dying to meet.

Top Ten Tuesday is a book meme over at The Broke and the Bookish.

I actually don't want to meet my favourite authors. I fear disappointment and that they will turn out to be completely different. Still, I have met some authors who became favourites. They were so lovely in person I tried their books and loved them (John Connolly is an example).

1. Haruki Murakami. I actually don't think he will disappoint. He comes across as quite shy and retiring. Hates to be the centre of attention. This is the sense I get from rare interviews. I think this would come across in person. I would love to talk about his books with him.

2. Jane Austen. I bet the humour that came across in her writing would also come across in person. I think she would have been fun to meet. Despite having read all her books I actually know very little about this author personally so it would be interesting too.

3. Jasper Fforde. I have actually met him and embarrassed myself by running away. I remember it amused him but he did come across as lovely. If anything I need to redeem myself.

4. Derek Landy. The man who wrote some of the funniest teen books I have ever read. I would love to meet the creator of Skulduggery.

5. Stephen Fry. He does count since I have read his autobiographies and have one of his works of fiction on my shelf (still to read it mind you). My favourite celebrity.

6. Stephen King. His books meant so much to me growing up and I still enjoy them now. Would love to talk to him about my favourites.

7. Neil Gaiman. I have heard a horror story about someone who met this author. I actually don't trust this persons accuracy and so would love to meet him for himself. Plus, he is into so many different things he could never be boring.

8. Douglas Coupland. Mainly because he is the first contemporary fiction writer I could list on under favourite author. I still love his work.

9. Margaret Atwood. Another talented Canadian. I actually read her book of essays. She has lots of interesting views on other books. Would love to know if she has read some of my favourites.

10. Susannah Clarke. Actually I really just want to know if she is planning on more books and will it be linked to the Mr Norrell universe.


  1. A Wonderful list full of amazing writers, and Stephen Fry definitely does count- I love him!

    I had a script-writing lecturer who met Neil Gaiman. She came up to him at a convention, said "I love your writing, I'd love to talk to you about it" and they went off and had a coffee together, just like that!

  2. Great picks! I love Margaret Atwood.
    My reaction on meeting her would be similar to your reaction to Jasper Fforde. haha

  3. Atwood was on my list and Jasper Fforde was close!

  4. I'm really glad we think the same about meeting Murakami!

  5. I would really love to meet Murakami, Austen and Stephen Fry. Great list.

  6. Yes Steven King is one I'll have to retrofit into my list. He's really too good to leave out.

  7. Kayleigh, thanks for restoring my faith. I knew my unnamed source had to be wrong.

    Misha, I would probably run from most of my favourite authors.

    Thanks everyone.

  8. Murakami is a great choice! Wind Up Bird is all I've read but it was so very good and there would be TONS to ask about!!

  9. Haruki Murakami would definitely be on my list too!

  10. Love Jasper Fforde! Have only read The Fourth Bear in his Nursery Crime series, didn't expect to like it but it was brilliant. Great list!

  11. I love Murakami. Laura, Wind Up Bird was one of the first books I read too. Would definitely have lots of questions to ask on that one alone. I am so jealous you have all the others to read. I am impatiently waiting for iq84 to be released in October.

    Deborah, the nursery crime series was good but not my favourite. Read Eyre Affair. The Thursday Next books are amazing!