Friday 17 February 2012

Dreamcatcher - Stephen King

Jonesy, Beaver, Henry and Pete have been friends since childhood. They may lead different lives but they always look forward to their hunting trip every November near Derry. This year feels a little different. They feel that connection again that they haven't felt in years. Jonesy has just recovered from a bad accident and discovers that his heart just isn't in the hunt anymore. Plus all of them have been thinking more and more about their old friend Duddits and none of them are sure why. Then Jonesy comes across a stranger stumbling through the trees and snow. He's lost and obviously ill. Jonesy helps but as soon as he takes him to their cabin he begins to regret it. There is something strange about this guy. Then there is the lights in the sky, the strange red moss growing over everything and the army closing off the area and creating a quarantine zone. Something strange is going on and it has something to do with those lights. With the help of Duddits it's up to the boys to be heroes and save the day.

So this paperback version was published in 2001 and that's exactly how long it has been sitting on my shelf. Disgusting right? Well since I was humming over what book to read I decided it was about time I read the book sitting on my shelf longest. I don't know why it took me so long as I have read several and re-read a few King books in that time. Anyways, it's done and I can now look at my tbr shelf with less guilt.

Not the best King book I have to say. It has aspects of it that I love about his books mind you. For one thing he has a talent for writing about friendship. Particularly the kind that starts off as kids. Anyone else noticed that? I only ask because I mentioned it to a friend who was a fan and she gave me a look that said I was crazy. It was a big part of this one. Like other books this connection between them makes them different. So that only they can save the world/town. There were lots of flashbacks into the past and what they did with that connection and how they got it in the first place. I enjoyed those because it took me back to some of his other books.

Like a lot of his books he connected this with another. Something else I have always loved about them and to be honest I always found this to be the creepier part of his writing. Sure he can write some scary stories but this connection always gives me the shivers when I come across one. Or at least it used to. When I came across the link (and there were hints through out of what it would be so it came as no surprise) that shiver wasn't there. Possible because I was expecting it and because it was during the day. That didn't mean I didn't like it though. I did.

It was also quite gruesome. I know, it's a King book, I have to expect it. There was many a scene that I found myself wincing at. The one that almost had me putting the book down involved a ball point pen and an eyeball. I am sure you can guess what happens but I'm not giving you the details surrounding it. It will be a long time before that image goes away.

The book itself was too long. I have read The Stand which is probably his longest and it was worth every page. This one though I felt that huge chunks could have been cut out. His detail is normally what I like best but in this story it seemed almost unnecessary. The plot too seemed a little weak/pointless. It's hard to go into reasons why without giving too much away. I think it's obvious that this one is about aliens. The aliens when they arrive at other planets they are benign. Here on Earth though something changes and it's never quite explained why. Then the chase itself whilst a good climax to the story was too long and to be honest also a bit weak. Lastly Duddits too wasn't really explained all that well. We know he is what connect the friends (not giving anything real away here) but it doesn't actually explain how he was able to do it.

I still liked it and it was certainly better than the film version it just won't be high up on my list of King books.


  1. I was picking up some King books in the library today before I told myself not to be silly, still have plenty at home I haven't read! Maybe it's a sign I'm in the mood for one...

    1. Sometimes you can't help yourself though. Those shelves in the bookshop have a powerful pull. Even I was looking at them and I have read just about all of his books. Was thinking of picking up one as a re-read but my will power won. Maybe it is a sign that you are in the mood to pick one up.

  2. I read this quite a while ago, and I remember being pretty disappointed with it, which surprised me especially because I like It so much... I was hoping I'd remembered it wrong, so I have been disheartened by your review!

    Also, King toootally has a knack for writing about friendships, especially those that start when people are young! What's up with your friend?! Hehe

    1. It's not the worst King book it's just not the best either. Under the Dome and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon are my least favourites.

      Yay, thank you. My friend and I are sometimes better off not talking about books. Sometimes we have similar tastes but our ideas are usually completely different. Which would be fine except she plasters a smile over her face as if to say 'lets humour the crazy person'. I know her so well I know that's exactly what she is thinking.