Wednesday 29 February 2012

Grave Secrets - Kathy Reichs

Temperance Brennan is working in Guatamala helping to uncover the victims of a massacre 20 years before. Whilst there she is asked by local police to look into the disappearance of four young girls. All have mysteriously disappeared in the last year. The local policeman who is working alongside Tempe believes that it is the work of one person. When remains are found it is feared that it is one of the missing girls. However, before Tempe can determine who the victim is a higher authority has them taken away from her and she is refused access. Tempe has no choice but to continue to investigating without them and hope that she can discover exactly what happened to these missing girls.

I have to be honest that I was unsure of this one at first. I wasn't sure I liked the complete change of setting. It just didn't feel right. That quickly changed however and this became one of my favourites. It made a nice change that Tempe was working with a different group of people. Although that didn't last long as her investigation soon headed back to her home in Canada (what are the chances right? Mind you one of the girls was the daughter of the Canadian Ambassador). Of course this also means that detective Ryan is involved. I know I said in the last review that I wasn't really interested in Tempe's personal life but more in her work. This is still true but it filled in the gaps that reading book 6 ahead of time created. It didn't quite fill in the gaps in regards to her daughter so I must be missing something there.

I did like the plot and again I wasn't really expecting the ending. I should have guessed though as everything tied in together. Not unusual you say but in a Reichs book even something that seems unrelated somehow ties in. This was definitely the case here. What I love about these books though is that Tempe's other work still continues even if she is helping a murder investigation. She goes home for two days and is back in the office working on some other projects. For that reason it has a touch of reality. In real life everything else doesn't just stop.

That's me read all my Tempe Brennan books. Will be a while before I pick up more but I definitely will. I'm not bored of them yet.

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