Monday 16 July 2012

Classics Challenge July Prompt

Ta da! An actual response to one of the classics challenge prompts. I only missed out two months mind you but it feels like longer.

So this months prompt we could choose any book that we have read for the challenge so far. The prompt is to write about a part of the book (whether it is a moment, quote or character) which will stay with you for a long time even after the details of the book itself has left. I could have chosen any of the books I have read so far. For example I would have chosen A Tale of Two Cities for its ending. Or any number for their character (Jean Brodie, Huckleberry Finn, D'Artagnan and Dora Greenfield to name but a few). However, I have decided to go with this months read. It seems only fair.

I don't do quotes and the characters aren't particularly memorable to be honest. Not even the grand old Prince of Salina. What will stay with me is the atmosphere of the book itself. The golden years of the Prince and his family is told at the height of summer and it steadily declines as change takes place through out the winter. Despite the years that pass the summer described at the start of the book never seems to return. It gives it a feeling of sadness. I can almost imagine the garden at the start of the book filled with flowers and bees. I think this is what I will remember most as it sets up the book well.

This is a challenge organised by Katherine of November's Autumn. You can see what others have chosen for the prompt here. You can also see my review of this book here.

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