Thursday 4 October 2012

A Non-Book Related Post.

When I reviewed Moranthology by Caitlin Moran I mentioned that I was a little uninterested in her articles about Downton Abbey. Mainly because I was one of those next to non-existent people who had never watched it. It's not that I didn't want to watch it. I just watch next to no television. This all changed last week (not the TV viewing).

Some friends and I planned to meet up for a catch up. We usually go for coffee once a month and every so often we go for cocktails. Saturday was a cocktail day. However, they surprised me with a Victorian tea as a late birthday present. They warned me of it a few days before mind you. I was freaking out a little because they were winding me up with the surprise. Going by their hints I was imagining all sorts.

So to prepare I watched a few episodes of Downton which is on my film/tv package. I realise that Downton is set about 11 years after Queen Victoria died. Still it felt right and I loved it! I am sure that if I was off I would have watched both seasons in one sitting. As it is I am nearing the end of season one.

In all honesty I love it mainly for Maggie Smith. It's her one liners. I have found myself chortling away for ages just from one of her scenes.

Then to make things just that little bit better, this lady came along and gives Smith's character a run for her money. I wouldn't mind at all if the whole show revolved around these two competing characters.

Of course I do keep expecting her to pop out with the above line (sorry had to get the Dr Who reference in there).

Anyways, maybe when I get my copy of the book back I will re-read those articles about Downton with new appreciation.


  1. I'm finally catching onto the Downton craze as well - I've preordered the triple box set (plus Christmas episodes!) coming out in November so I'm fairly sure I'll spend a few weeks glued to my screen at every spare moment! Maggie Smith's character does make me chuckle, she has such great lines! Plus there's the delectable Dan Stevens, of course... Yes, I foresee a happy winter ahead of me. :)

    1. I've been watching it on Lovefilm which only has season1-2 and one Christmas special. I might have to treat myself to season3. Definitely a great series for hibernating. I'm quite sad that I've almost finished and jealous you have it to look forward to. ;)