Monday 1 October 2012

September Overview/ Month Ahead!

I've lost a day. Well, not really. I stupidly had in my head that September has 31 days so I feel like I am missing out now that I remembered that has only 30. I am blaming having to retain lots of new information for this. Space has to be made for it somehow.

Anyway, I thought I would have another book finished for this month because of that. I'm not complaining though. It's been a busy month with uni starting back and a large workload. So I think 6 is a respectable number considering. Plus I have caught up with all my reviews and have stayed up to date. Something to be proud of. Here is my list;

1. Villette - Charlotte Bronte
2. The Crucible - Arthur Miller
3. The Dreaming Void - Peter F. Hamilton
4. Moranthology - Cailtin Moran
5. The Sea, The Sea - Iris Murdoch
6. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle

Despite all my complaining of The Sea, The Sea I have had a good reading month. The Murdoch book isn't the worst book I have ever read and I could see merits in it (I finished it after all). Plus the rest I very much enjoyed. I especially loved The Crucible and Villette. Then of course I do love my Sherlock (my Sherlock). There has been humour, sadness, alien threats, witches, crimes uncovered and a self-deluded man. That pretty much sums up my experiences for the month (how sad not to be a reader).

Challenge Overview

 So last months books was Villette by Charlotte Bronte. A book I loved. Not quite as good as Jane Eyre but it certainly reminded me that I should probably go back and read more Bronte's. The prompt this month was about music. I did answer it but basically it was to say I don't usually listen to music whilst reading. I love them both to much that it's a contest as to which gets the most attention (I can have the TV on though and ignore it). I am going back to Mark Twain this time with A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court. My second Twain for this challenge but the first one for grown ups. Looking forward to having some humour in my classics.

 Last month I once again went with my own choice rather than the challenge choice. I read The Dreaming Void by Peter F. Hamilton which was then the oldest book on my tbr pile. Also the last sci fi one sitting there. Very much enjoyed it and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series at some point. This month I plan on reading Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. When I joined this challenge I planned on reading this book at some point. It proved difficult to get and I have only just managed to get it from the library.

 I read two books for this challenge. The Crucible for the drama category and Moranthology for humour/journalism. I hadn't intended on reading two but as a result I have only one more category left. So for science/natural history I am going to read another book from my pile - The Greatest Show On Earth by Richard Dawkins. Will be nice to read another non-fiction.

I unexpectedly finished this challenge last month. The last character I had left was Moriarty. I honestly thought the tale with this character was in one of the later books but it was in Memoirs. I will post an overview of the challenge later on in the week.

Other plans for the month is to basically try and reduce my tbr pile. I have the readathon in two weeks which will help. I might read one or two of my Stephen King books as Halloween reads.

How did everyone else's month go?

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