Monday 10 December 2012

Will Be Up To Date Eventually!

The last few months have been a struggle for me. Not in a personal sense I've just been struggling to juggle everything and this blog has suffered. It's been a constant game of catch up. Instead of admitting defeat and taking a time out I have tried to get myself up to date. Which of course I failed at miserably. Next time I will do what I did last year and take a time out.

I have had placement (almost finished), an essay (almost finished) and I am onto my second bout of the cold which actually left me in my bed for two days. I've never been so run down and I think stress has been a big part of it. To make matters worse I spilled tea over my laptop and had to re-do my essay from scratch. Thankfully the computer I managed to save but not until I had already re-done the essay. 

Sounds like a big long whine but that's not what I mean. Just explaining my absence. Fingers crossed I will be back to normal next week and I WILL catch up on all those reviews. More than that I am actually looking forward to picking up a non-nursing book. Hope everyone is enjoying the run up to the festive period. Looking forward to seeing what you have all been reading and what challenges you have signed up to for next year.


  1. Whine away - it's only good for you to get it out :) Although it's not as bad for me, I've been struggling to catch up with reviews inbetween school and life. It's just one of those periods in life, so take your time. And sorry about your puter and essay :(

    1. Awww, thank you. The woes of being a student eh? Thought it would be easier the second time round ;).

      Thankfully the essay is getting there and the puter has had a full recovery. Sort of sad I won't be getting a shiny new toy but at the same time couldn't really afford it so bit of a relief.

      Hope things settle for you too. With luck you will get some time to relax during the holidays.