Tuesday 16 August 2011

What's Next!

I'm not sure if I will do What's Next every week now as I am struggling to find titles. I thought though I would go for some non-fiction this time. I do like non-fiction for a change and this year I think I have read more than I usually do. One of the books I have picked out is already out. I had this book in mind before it was released and since it's a book that I am genuinely looking forward to I thought I would keep it on my list anyway.

"The Doctor Will See You Now" by Max Pemberton. Out 4th August. This is the third book in the junior doctor series. In each Max Pemberton has written about his experiences as a first time Doctor. In the second book he decided to work in the community. This time he is back on the wards and he is classed as an experienced Doctor. These books are extremely funny. When I read the first one I honestly compared it to Scrubs although scarily this was real life. Definitely worth a read.

"Matilda" by Tracy Borman. Out 1/9/11. When it comes to non-fiction history will always appeal to me more. I love reading about it and I don't think I read enough of it. This book appealed to me not just because it's from an era I know little about. It also has the appeal of nostalgia. I remember being taught all about William the Conqueror back in primary school. Even then I enjoyed history. Another reason I like the idea of this book is that it's about Williams wife, Matilda. I think it would make for an interesting perspective. Plus how great is this cover?

"Winter King" by Thomas Penn. Out 29/9/11. Another fantastic cover (in my mind anyway) and another history book. I have a fascination for Tudor history just now (I'm sure I'll get over it). This one is about Henry VII, father to Henry VIII. His life even after death dominated his sons. Henry VII fought battles to keep his throne and he was King who was not loved by his people. It would be interesting to learn about the first Tudor King who took the throne.

Are there any books you are looking forward to?


  1. Can't wait to read the next Max Pemberton - love his books!

  2. Love his books too. He is just so funny and self depreciating. I think I am going to treat myself to this book at the end of the month.