Saturday 20 August 2011

Murder On The Links - Agatha Christie

Poirot receives a letter from a rich Englishman living in France (but has made his money in South America). He asks for Poirot to head over to France immediately as his life is in danger. Poirot of course agrees and drags Hastings along with him. Upon arrival they discover that Mr Renauld is already dead and had been murdered early that morning whilst Mrs Renauld had been bound and gagged in her room. The French police are delighted that Poirot has arrived and they immediately ask for his help along with the young detective Giraud. Poirot agrees to help although he isn't convinced that everything is as it appears.

This is the second book starring Hercule Poirot and I have been excited about reading it ever since I read the first one. I love the character Poirot and as soon as I read "Murder on the Styles" I decided I would read them in order (despite having read one or two in the past). As I have been trying to be good with book buying this is only me getting round to the second and it was worth the wait.

In the first one I found Hastings to be a little irritating. If you aren't aware Hastings is the one telling the story. I could put up with him for the sake of Poirot. In this one however, I fell in love with Hastings. I actually found him to be an extremely funny character who adds a little comedy to the murder mysteries. He is one for a pretty face and seems to fall in love at the drop of a hat. In book 1 he proposed to a beautiful lady. In this he can see himself falling for one beautiful girl only to fall for another. It made for some hilarious moments which included my favourite. Poirot enters a room and Hastings quickly holds onto his arms so that the girl he loves can get away. I got some funny looks on the bus when I started laughing read that part. I really hope Hastings continues to be the light comedy through out these books.

As to the plot itself I only guessed one part of it and even then not for the reasons that were given. So once again Christie has managed to surprise me. I think the only downside to the book was that there was such a small cast of suspect. The family is small with little interaction with those around them. I think I prefer it with more people and therefore more intrigue. I did find it funny that the French police were more than happy for Poirot to interfere (as they should be of course).

Giraud was added as Poirot's possible nemesis. A young and arrogant detective who believes that Poirot has had his day and that he of course can't be wrong. This could have turned the book into a parody rather than a mystery and I'm glad/relieved that it didn't turn that way. Poirot allowed Giraud to get on with it whilst carrying on with his own investigations. In short, he was the bigger person.

I remember someone saying (Ryan maybe?) that this wasn't the best Christie although still good. I can see why he would think that and I am inclined to agree. Mainly because I prefer the bigger cast as I already said plus Poirot spent little time questioning the family. It just felt like there was something missing but not enough for me not to love the book. I think Hastings comedy moments more than made up for it.

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