Friday 22 April 2011

Dead In The Family - Charlaine Harris (goodbye Sookie).

Sookie is trying to recover from the effects of the fairy war. Unfortunately life doesn't really give her that chance. The Vampire who is now King of the area has sent a lieutenant to keep an eye on things. Instead he seems more intent on removing Sookie's boyfriend Eric from power. Sookie's flatmate has moved out and her fairy cousin has moved in. Were's are fighting for their rights now that they have revealed themselves. Eric's maker and brother turn up. Bill doesn't look like he is recovering from silver poisoning and someone has dumped a body on Sookie's land.

Sounds like a lot doesn't it? Truth is not much is happening. There are all these little things which in the end don't really add up to anything new. The power struggle with Victor could have been interesting and at the start that did seem to be where it was going. There was even mention of spies which would have added to the interest. Sadly, after being mentioned a few times through the book, it was never dealt with. Maybe it's being kept for another book but the rest of the story seemed trivial. Eric's maker turning up was another point of interest that only lead to disappointment. He had the power to make Eric do anything and yet it fizzled away to him needing help to control the brother. The were's involvement also proved to be small. Another power struggle that Sookie was dragged into thanks to her fairy family who were never sure if they really wanted to hurt her or not.

What this boils down to (and the reason for the addition to the title of this post) is that maybe I should stop reading these books. I loved them once but now I seem to be reading them just in case I miss out. I devoured these books once and yet this one has been sitting on my shelf since it was first released over a year ago. I believe in never saying never but I won't be going out of my way to read future releases.

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