Friday 8 April 2011

My Readathon Books

I finally decided on five books for the readathon. "I Am Number Four" is the only one which hasn't been sitting on my shelf collecting dust for the last two years. It's also the first one I plan on reading as I have been dying to do so since I saw a review of it in SFX over a year ago. Yes, I know I can't have been dying that much. A friend recently recommended it (although she warned me not to go see the film) and so I purchased it a few weeks ago.

I went through a very small Agatha Christie phase. I read some of her short stories and decided to read some of her others. I picked up these two in a sale and they have been sitting there ever since. I have been meaning to get round to reading them as I do have a soft spot for Poirot. My mum watches all the tv adaptations and I remember watching them with her. For some reason Poirot appealed to me more than Miss Marple did.

"The Wind Singer" and "Shiver" were recommendations from my friend the children's reader. I haven't been in the mood to read children's books lately (much to the disgust of my friend) which is why they have been collecting dust. I have to confess I have given a few children's books away that I knew I wasn't going to read. For some reason these two didn't make the cull.

Not sure I will read all of them as I do tend to read slow when I am tired. If I do miraculously finish them and I have time to spare I have another YA book in the pile.

Oh, and the readathon starts at 12pm GMT which means I start reading at 1pm. Not bad. Was worried I was going to have to get up at crazy o'clock.


  1. Hello fellow readathoner! i found your name on the map, and decided to drop by and say hello! you look like you have a great collection of books to read. And then there were none is my favorite agatha christie. i hope you get to read it someday. also, i have been wanting to read i am number 4 before i see the movie. i hear the book is better. i hope you can get to it and let me know. good luck today =D

  2. Sorry, just saw this. I started with I am Number 4. Was very good although I think my expecations were a little too high. Worth reading though.