Thursday 21 April 2011

Book Covers!

Since there have been a few book cover prompts of late I thought I would share some of my favourites.

The less busy a cover is the more it's going to attract me as is the case with all of Murakami's book covers. Whilst this book isn't my favourite out of his work it's certainly one of my favourite covers.

I love all the Penguin cloth bound books and if I had money to spare I would certainly think about collecting them all. I restricted myself to one and I picked the cover that appealed to me most. I love the silver on black.

Notice a theme with my black and white books? I actually had the original covers which I don't mind so much. I lent them to a friend though who then moved away and I never got them back. When these lovely covers came out I treated myself. Plus mine are signed so they are also known as my babies.

Yes a cover that isn't black and white. This actually represents vintage classics. I love their covers and when buying a classic I will usually pick up one of these rather than the black penguin editions. I would quite happily collect them all if I could.


  1. I love the Vintage Classics covers too! Vintage are also responsible for the stylish Murakami ones too.

  2. Yeah, I know. I love vintage in general. They seem to do their best to produce a great cover. It's a pitty more publishers aren't the same.

  3. Oh wow! I really like the Pride and Prejudice cover. I'm not used to seeing those types of covers on classics. I look for the vintage clasics edition next time.

    That's cool that you have signed Philip Pullman books!

  4. What a lovely bunch of covers! Jane Austen's books frequently have really beautiful covers, and this one would definitely attract my attention in a book shop.

  5. The vintage classics are lovely. Vintage desing their jackets so that each author has a similar theme. That way if you are collecting all of the Austen's they match. What I love about them though is that on the back of most they have a small square showing part of the cover of another book.

    Dorothy - the only down side to having signed Philip Pullman's is that I can't read them for fear of damaging them. So if I want to read the series again I may have to buy new copies, lol. They are my pride and joy though.