Saturday 9 April 2011

Midway Survey!

So we are into hour 12 and I am actually feeling okay. Must be all that diet pepsi and tea. Anyway, I thought I would take a break and do the midway survey that's hosted over at Dewey's Readathon.

1. Right now I am reading "The Body In The Library" by Agatha Christie.
2. So far I have managed to read two books. That's one more than I actually thought I would do.
3. Not really that excited about the rest of my books. Now that I have a taste for Christie I want more.
4. I didn't have to plan any holidays but I did tell friends I couldn't make plans today so I could take part.
5. My sister did send me messages earlier in the event. I explained what I was doing and she left me alone after that. I did think mind you that I was going to get a phone call from her tonight which I would have cut short (guiltily). Other than that the only interruprions have been mind doing things like this.
6. No real surprises about the readathon. What will surprise me is if I manage it. I do like the fact though that everyone is being so supportive of each other.
7. No improvements to the organisation of the readathon itself. I however, will ensure I have mold free bread so I can have the toast I was craving two hours ago. Will also organise some fundraising.
8. Oops, I kinda answered what I would do differently with number 7.
9. I am getting tired. I was getting tired 3 hours ago but keeping getting my wind back. Not sure how long that will last.
10. hmmm, the only tips I really have for other readers is ones that I have read myself already. Choose your books wisely. Short ones that you feel excited about and a mix of them too. I think if I really had picked all Christie I would be bored by now. Also break it up with visiting blogs, twitter and taking part in mini challenges. Or even doing something boring around this house. Just anything so you aren't straining your eyes.

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