Saturday 9 April 2011

Readathon #4

Hour 17 - I am definitely going for a nap now. 50 pages into Shiver and it's irritating me. Why must all arty mums be scatter brained?

Hour22 - I am awake again. I wouldn't say raring to go as I am still tired. However, I am picking up my book again for hours 22 to the end.

Hour24 - woo hoo, it's the last hour and I might actuall finish book number four. Meanwhile I am going to do the last mini challenge which is in the form of a survey

1. The last hour before my nap. My head hurt and I knew I wasn't going to stay awake much longer.
2. I think picking a couple of books from an easy but favourite series is a good idea. For me it was Agatha Christie and I think I will pick a couple more of those for next time.
3. no improvements.
4. I thought the mini challenges were a fantastic idea and whilst I didn't take part in all I still thought they were fun.
5. I have read three and might finish book 4.
6. Finished books - I Am Number Four, The Mysterious Affair at Styles and The Body In The
7. My favourite book was The Mysterious Affair at Styles
8. My least favourite is the one I am reading now, Shiver.
9. NA
10. I am definitely going to do this again. If I have the time I am going to get some friends involved and raise money for charity.