Wednesday 23 November 2011

RIP Anne McCaffrey

The plan today was that I would post a review. I am actually two behind. I then found out that Anne McCaffrey passed away two days ago. I had to dedicate a post to her.

I was introduced to the fantasy genre by an ex who got me reading David Eddings. I enjoyed it so much that I eventually picked out an author I had always wanted to try. That was Anne McCaffrey. I loved dragons and so her Pern series appealed to me. Of course I realised that it was more science fiction than fantasy but that didn't matter. I had fallen in love with the series and soon devoured the rest. I was saddened when she stopped writing them and I'm sorry to say that her sons additions just aren't the same. She didn't just write the Pern books of course. She is also famous for her Brainship, Acorna and Crystal Singer series'. She opened up a whole world to me and for that she will be missed.

RIP Anne McCaffrey.


  1. She will be missed. I loved her Rowan series

  2. She will indeed. I don't think I have read the Rowan stories. Will have to look into those.