Wednesday 30 November 2011

November Round Up/ Month Ahead

I can safely say that this has been my slowest month reading wise in years. I had to double check that I was right but then I have been busy with my course. I have read a grand total of six books most of which I have read in the last two weeks. Normally I would manage that in two weeks or less. However, it's quality not quantity and I think I managed that. Here is my meagre list;

1Q84 - Haruki Murakami
A Tale Of Two Cities - Charles Dickens (classic book of the month)
Player One - Douglas Coupland
I Can See You - Karen Rose
She-Wolves - Helen Castor
Invisible Cities - Italo Calvino

I can safely say that I enjoyed all of these books. I Can See You probably got my lowest rating but I still very much enjoyed it for what it was, a light and easy read. It was exactly what I was in the mood for at the time and I am glad to have found another author to fit that. Plus the author left a lovely comment on my review which has never happened to me before.

My classic book of the month was A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. I have had that book for years. I was planning on reading it earlier in the year but had been put off by my disappointment by Hard Times. Thankfully though this book restored my faith in Dickens and is now one of my favourites by the author. It has one of those ending that is never going to leave me. If you have read it you will know why.

She-Wolves is my only non-fiction book this month. Not unusual really as I read maybe one every month at the most. This book has been on my tr list since it was released last year and I finally treated myself to a copy a few months ago. If you read my review post you will know that exceeded my expectations and has become my favourite history book so far.

Player One by Douglas Coupland was another fairly light read. Or at least a quick read. It was another book which restored my faith in the author. It took me back to some of his earlier books which I loved. Whilst I have always looked forward to each of his books I have also felt a little apprehension as they just haven't matched up to his previous releases. I think this one has taken that feeling away.

I'm not going to say too much about Invisible cities as it will be my next review. I did enjoy it and it was certainly very different from anything else I have read this month. Actually I don't think I could compare it to anything else even if I wanted to.

Last but not least 1Q84. Whilst I can't say I didn't enjoy any books this month I can confirm the best of them. It took me just over two books to read the first two installments of Murakami's latest. I savoured every page of that book. So far I haven't read a single bad review of it from fellow bloggers. If anyone is going to be honest about it book it's them (in my opinion anyway). I could rave about it all day but I'm not going to. Instead all I will add that this is the authors finest book yet and I can't wait to read the third part.

Having only read six books has it's advantages. I normally wouldn't have been able to go through each book but just mention a few of the best and least liked. As for the month ahead I honestly don't know. It's going to be busier for me again. Busier than last month right up until Christmas. From Monday I am thinking of putting my blog aside for three weeks. I doubt I will have time to finish one book and for that reason I am think of making that one book a large classic. I haven't completely decided as yet. For now though I am reading a book which was recommended to me by another blogger. I am sure I will have that finished and reviewed before Monday however.

How has your reading month been? Are any of you planning to hibernate this month with some good books?

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