Sunday 13 November 2011

Shakespeare Reading Month 2012

Yes, I admit it, I have signed up for yet another challenge. As a result I am not going to start my own next year. It also means that I will be joining one more which I will post about later.

The Shakespeare Reading Month challenge is by Allie of A Literary Odyssey (a fantastic blog, especially if you like your classics). The fantastic thing about this one is that it lasts only a month and as I have a few weeks off in January I thought it would be perfect to take part. My knowledge of Shakespeare is limited to what I read in school. I am a little ashamed of that and I have always meant to do something about it. A lot of his plays sound right up my street and I have always meant to get round to reading them. I think Macbeth, Henry VIII and Anthony and Cleopatra are definitely on the list for now. Very much looking forward to this.


  1. Love Macbeth. Liked Henry VIII but not one of my favorites. Anthony and Cleopatra was good. But really, for qoute-worthiness, Macbeth is amazing. You'll see so many quotes you recognize.

    I may have to sign up for this one myself. I need to think about it a bit first. I've always wanted to read all of Shakespeare and I was reading through his history plays when I stopped. This may be a way for me to jump start myself.

  2. I hope you do get the chance to join in. The good thing about this one is that if you would rather read one of his many biographies you can. Thinking of picking up the one by Bryson whilst I'm there.

  3. Ooh, I'm taking part in this one too! Macbeth is an awesome awesome choice, probably my favourite (of the ones I've read). So exciting!

  4. Macbeth is my favourite and I find myself randomly quoting him every now and then. Nobody ever gets it, but one day they will and how I shall smile and embrace this stranger... and get arrested for assault.

  5. I am looking forward to Macbeth. It's one of those ones that has been quoted so often and been used in other books that I feel I should have read it.

    FBT, maybe that stranger will embrace you too for the same reason.

  6. I'm glad you're joining in! It should be a great month.

    Macbeth is a favorite of mine, so I hope you enjoy it! I'm reading Antony and Cleopatra as well-it'll probably be the first one I read!

    Sorry for popping over here so late-it has been a busy month!