Monday 14 November 2011

Sci Fi Challenge 2012

The last challenge I am signing up for is the science fiction challenge which Ellie of Curiosity Killed The Bookworm has put together. The idea is to read some science fiction. You can chose your own book but she is also going to put forward a potential book each month as a readalong. If you manage to read a sci fi book each month she will even put you forward for a giveaway.

First of all, how much to I love the image she used? She also has a fantastic blog which is worth checking out. I decided to go with this rather than start my own challenge because I love science fiction. I used to devour the genre but over the last couple of years I have read maybe a handful. I think this is a perfect way to get back into it. I am looking forward to discovering some new others and trying out some classics I haven't gotten round to yet. I also have a couple of sci fi books by favourite authors sitting in my tbr pile. This will be the perfect encouragement to get those off the shelf. I am also looking forward to seeing what books are put forward for the readalong each month. Maybe I will discover a new favourite or get to reread an old favourite.

Fingers crossed this is the last challenge I am signing up for. I don't think I could handle much more. The problem is there are so many good ones out there and I have to admit I am already restraining myself from signing up for more.


  1. Yey! Thanks for joining in and posting about it :)

  2. No problem. I am really looking forward to it. Been a long time since I went out of my way to go through the sci fi shelves. Mind you I should probably read the couple I have sitting here first.