Wednesday 25 May 2011

Booking Through Thursday - Reading Rut

Do you ever feel like you’re in a reading rut? That you don’t read enough variety? That you need to branch out, spread your literary wings and explore other genres, flavors, styles?

Quite a lot. My problem is that when I find a genre or book type I like I go on over kill. I keep track of what I read and if you look at my list for a few years ago it will be mostly a list of YA with some Kelley Armstrong and Kim Harrison thrown in. The problem with that is that I get bored with it and begin to hate the genre. At the moment I am having that issue with YA. I am increasingly finding it difficult to find one I like. It's got to the stage where I don't know if I actually dislike the book or if I am just bored with it. I have some books sitting there that I had been looking forward to. I'm worried now that I'm not going to appreciate it as much and so I'm giving myself a six month break in the hopes that I can go back and enjoy the ones sitting there.

This isn't new to me. I did the exact same thing with science fiction and fantasy. At one point I read almost nothing else. Now it's rare for me to pick up one from these genres. When I do though I do like them so I think the break works. Just now I am mainly reading general fiction with some crime thrown in. I could easily go on a crime kick but I'm trying to stop that burn out. It takes me a while but I do learn eventually.

On an unrelated note I apologise if it seems as though I haven't been around. I have been having continuing problems with blogger. It stays on a loop of asking me to sign in. The only way I can get it to work is by using google chrome as my browser (which I hate) but it's fixed for now.


  1. I sometimes do the same as you - read too much of one genre or a particular author. I try not to, but some are just right, until, as you say, you get bored.

  2. I haven't had that particular problem but taking a break sounds like a great idea. That happens to me with songs though that I listen to over and over until I'm sick of them. Then again, if you're enjoying it at that moment, then why not read some more!

  3. I seriously just decided yesterday that I'm not going to touch any more YA for a while. This was because I made the mistake of reading too many in a short span of time, and I really don't want to be inside the heads of teens for a while.

    Similarly, I've been listening to the same album for days now (The Sea by Corinne Bailey Rae) and can't seem to get enough.

  4. I think that's what happened to me too.

    Last album I had on repeat was Florence and the Machines.

  5. I tend to do the same thing, but because of that I try to do two genres at once in an attempt not to get bored.