Monday 30 May 2011

It's Monday! What Are You Reading!

It's Monday is a book meme by Sheila from book journey. I didn't get much reading done last week. I have been out and about quite a lot and was away the weekend too.

Last week I read;

Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. I loved this book. Not my favourite book read this year but definitely near the top.

V for Vendetta by Alan Moore. I enjoyed it but disappointed when compared to Watchmen.

Just now I am reading;

The Iliad by Homer. This is part of a readalong. It's supposed to be finished for tomorrow but I'm not sure I will get it finished on time.

We by Yevgeny Zamyatin. Interesting so far. I do love a dystopian. I think it will go on hold until I finish The Iliad though. Mind you, this is quite a short book.

This week I plan to read;
Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. It's part of another readalong which starts on Wednesday. It's also one of the books I chose to read for the 'Books I should have read by now' challenge.

Sister by Rosamund Lupton. This is for my book group.


  1. Droping by to say Hi *waves*

    Here's my Monday list

    by Era Penera
    by TheJay2xA

  2. You've got some good books there! I loved Shantaram - hope you do too.

    I've got We as an ebook (pdf) which I don't like so much, but I do hope to read it soon.

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  4. What a wide range of books (and impressive, no doubt!) Looks like a great week.

    Well-Read Reviews

  5. Those Vintage Classics covers always make me want to read the books. Will keep an eye out for your review of We.

  6. V for Vendetta is a book? wow...I didn't know that. Lucky I haven't watched the movie...Ill read the book first before watching it.

  7. Lesswamme, I am really looking forward to it. Have been meaning to read it for some time now. I don't think I would like reading a book on pdf either.

    Ellie, I know! I find it difficult not to pick them up even when I'm not sure I will like the actual book. We is one I have been wanting to read for a while but when I couldn't find the vintage cover I ended up ordering it.

    Novroz, I have yet to see the film either. Although I do have it sitting there. The art of the graphic novel is a bit of a let down but otherwise it's a good read.

  8. Sister looks so good! And isnt Revolutionary Road a movie too? Enjoy your week!

  9. Heard nothing but good things of Sister. Yes, I haven't seen that one either. I do want to now that I've read the book. Hope you enjoy your week too.

  10. I've been hearing amazing things about Sister too. It's not my usual read but I think I'm going to give it a go this summer based on all the good reviews. Hope you enjoy it!

  11. I want to read V for Vendetta. This coming week is my last week off before summer session. I have a few books I want to finish before school begins. Come see what they are.

  12. I didn't realize Revolutionary Road was a book before it was a movie! I'll have to look that one up :)

    Hope you have a fabulous week!

  13. Sister looks excellent. I'm adding it to my TBR list. Have a great week!