Sunday 22 May 2011

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

This is a meme from Book Journey.

This week I read;

The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe (hated it)
Miss Chopsticks by Xinran (loved it)
Annexed by Sharon Dogar
Watchmen by Alan Moore (reviewing later today)

Just now I am reading;

Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates (liking it so far)
The Iliad by Homer (readalong)

This Week I hope to Read;

V for Vendetta by Alan Moore.

I have a lot on this week so whilst I think I might get the chance to start another book I don't think I will finish it. Also this week I joined Good Reads and decided to go ahead and add everything I have read onto it. I say everything, I couldn't actually remember it all and I left out books that I read growing up. I signed up to take part in a blog hop giveaway too. So look out for that on the 25th June if you want the chance to win a classic.


  1. I've been meaning to read Revolutionary Road, I would love to see the film (I adore Kate Windslet and Leo Dicaprio)but I'm one of those book first movie later people, so it might be awhile yet till I watch it!

  2. I am exactly the same. I want to see the film but have to read the book first. I am not a huge fan of Leo (don't dislike him either) but I love Kate Winslet too.

  3. Ms Chopsticks seems interesting. Heading over to your review now :)

  4. I loved Revolutionary Road, both the book and the movie. That started an obsession for Yates books for me. I like your cover on Revolutionary Road better than the one I had.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. @Karen: Yes, those are from her Harper Connelly series. They're such an easy read, and I liked the first two, but in the third one a lot of the "personal" stuff changed, and I don't think I'll continue reading the rest. I like The Tale of the Body Thief simply because I love Lestat. He's such a rich character, even if I'm a little annoyed at him for being a total fool some times. My favorite in the series was The Vampire Lestat - Louis was just a tad bit too whiny for me in Interview..:)

  6. @We Fancy books - thank you. Will stop by to see your Monday reads.

    @Laurel - I love the cover. Glad I managed to get that rather than the film cover. It's from the vintage classics range. They theme the designs by author so all the Yates ones are similar. When buying a classic I always try to get the vintage version. They have a website if you want to see the others. Just google it.

    @Nina, thanks for the heads up. I have been thinking about giving them a go although it will probably won't be until my tbr pile goes down a little. I agree, Louis is whiny, although I did feel sorry for him too. Lestat is also my favourite but was put off a little by a few of the books.

  7. I'm thinking about addind Revolutionary Road to my challenge list. The Iliad seems to be permanently showing on my blog under currently reading now so it'll shame me into reading it all eventually!

  8. I read Watchmen after seeing the movie and loving it last year. I think I enjoyed it but I was too frustrated to tell. With graphic novels, like I am with audiobooks, my mind wanders. I couldn't make the words and pictures connect, I pretty much made up my own story for the pictures and there was the separate 'word story'. Probably didn't help that Watchmen was so dense in all aspects and it was my first attempt at a graphic novel.

  9. Ellie, I have slowed right down on the Iliad too. I haven't opened it since my update last week. Decided to do it today and fell asleep so didn't get very far. My own fault. Shouldn't read lying down when I'm tired.

    Kaity, it is pretty dense. Not sure if that's the norm for graphic novels but it's certainly been the most involved story out of the few I have read so far.

  10. I want to read V for Vendetta. I finished ten books this week which actually surprises me because I hardly did any reading during my usual fun reading time. Come see what I finished.

  11. I am so impressed by your recent reading list. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I keep thinking I should read Watchman, and haven't gotten to it yet. Soon!!!!